Do you often splash the cash in supermarkets when food shopping? You’re not alone. We’ve come up with 5 food shopping tricks that will stop you overspending…

We’ve come up with some helpful tips to prevent you from overspending when it comes to going to the supermarket. No more popping in for some chocolate and coming out with ten bags full – we’ve got you sorted.

Eyes down
Most supermarkets place branded products (the most expensive items) at eye level, because, you’ve guessed it – that’s where most people will look and end up buying from. If you look lower down, you’ll likely find own-brand products that are cheaper.

Sunday funday
If you can, go in a supermarket just before closing time on a Sunday. This is when a lot of items are heavily discounted and if the sell-by-dates close, if you can, make the most of your freezer space and pop it in there.

Munch beforehand
Go shopping on a full stomach. If you’re hungry, you’re more likely to buy products for the sake of it, rather than because you actually need them. Naughty tummy.

Geeky list
You may feel like one big nerd, but making a shopping list is key. If you go armed with essentials, you’re less likely to be distracted by other items. You’ll buy what you need, rather than what you impulsively fancy.

Coupon Galore
Collect as many coupons and vouchers as you can. They may be little savings, but they certainly all add up! Don’t worry about the massive queue behind you, feel proud when you hand the shop assistant 50 money saving coupons.

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