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Bombay Potatoes (Aloo)

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time5 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time30 mins

These spiced potatoes are one of the most popular Indian dishes and surprisingly easy to make at home . Serve as a side dish to any Indian meal, especially chicken.

 500 g white potatoes
 1 medium onion
 2 cloves of garlic
 ½ cup oil
 1 tbsp mustard seeds
 1 tbsp cumin seeds
 1 tsp turmeric powder
 1 tsp salt
 1 tsp paprika powder
 1 tbsp ghee or butter
 ½ cup fresh chopped coriander
 1 small lemon
 1 red chilli

Peel and cut the potatoes into quarters, then submerge them in cold salted water in a saucepan. Heat to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are just cooked. Drain and allow to steam dry a little in the colander for a few minutes.


Peel and slice the onion , then crush and dice the garlic. Fry both in a frying pan with a shot of oil for 4 minutes to sauté.


Spoon in the spices, then continue to fry for 1 minute. Melt the ghee or butter into the pan with the spices and add the cooked potatoes. Fry over a high heat, tossing occasionally carefully to avoid breaking up the potatoes too much for 5 minutes so the potatoes are evenly spiced.


Chop the coriander and mix through the Bombay potatoes last minute with a squeeze of lemon juice and some freshly sliced chilli.