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muscletech keto plus ketone plus amino supplement They're typically used by athletes for endurance training, but the keto-friendly ones claim to energize you and offset the physical side effects of the keto flu.The keto flu is host of flu-like symptoms such as aches, cramping, exhaustion, diarrhea, constipation, and general weakness experienced during the first four days the keto diet.It's not an actual virus but the result of dehydration that occurs when switching from glucose to fat for energy. Low-carb diets generally have a diuretic effect within the first few days, meaning you lose more water and electrolytes (like potassium and sodium) in urine than normal. It happens because you're body is losing water as it turns to muscle glycogen for energy and your body’s insulin levels decrease.Anyone who is planning on doing keto will need to drink additional fluids with electrolytes especially in the first four days of starting to help mitigate the increased heart rate associated with dehydration.Ketoburn and KetoLogic do provide electrolytes in supplement form, but my gripe

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