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Tofu and Miso Soup

Yields2 Servings

This is a very simple clear soup that can be altered depending on what veggies need using up in the fridge, peppers, mushrooms, spring onions, mange tout, baby corn and French beans are good in this soup. You can find the instant miso soup mix in most supermarkets and it’s worth keeping in the cupboard for creating instant healthy soups.

 500 ml boiling water
 1 packet Miso soup
 Leftover vegetables chopped into small pieces
 2 medium spring onions
 120 g tofu, cut into small chunks
 Dried seaweed (wakame) soaked in hot water until soft and expanded

Pour the hot water in a large pan and dissolve the Miso instant soup powder into it. Add the vegetables and spring onions to the soup stir and bring the soup up to a simmer.


Add the tofu pieces and seaweed (wakame), turn the heat off and stir until the tofu is heated through. Taste and season with soy sauce if necessary.