You’ve heard the saying, ‘you are what you eat’ and it couldn’t be anymore accurate when it comes to your skin. Poor nutrition causes havoc for your skin, and if you’re regularly loading up on refined carbs, trans fats, and sugar – then your collagen is being seriously damaged.

So, if you want a clear and healthy complexion, limit the amount of these foods in your diet…

Candy & Sweets

It’s not very surprising, is it? But copious amounts of sugar in your diet could trigger outbreaks in your skin, especially if you’re a teenager/young adult. Countries that don’t have sugar-heavy diets have many people going through puberty without any signs of acne. The problem is that sugar degrades elastin and collagen; the two proteins that work to keep our skin soft and springy.


Of course, milk is generally good for the body; it’s rich in calcium making it excellent for bone growth and density. But when it comes to our skin, milk isn’t beneficial. Even after milk is pasteurised, growth hormones remain active; they increase oil-production, interact with insulin levels, and trigger inflammation – these are things that can encourage breakouts. To avoid this, organic milk is a preferred option because it doesn’t contain any added hormones.

It’s not the natural fruit sugars themselves that are causing damage, it’s the hidden sugar bombs found in the yogurts, juices, and sherbets used in the making of store-bought smoothies; hidden sugars are the biggest culprit when it comes to breakouts in our skin. Alternatively, you can make your own smoothies at home using sugar-free nut milks and frozen yogurts to avoid any sweet surprises.


Refined carbs found in crisps in particular causes inflammation that triggers oxidative stress that is damaging to DNA and collagen. Eating them regularly and in large amounts encourage wrinkles, more fine lines, and a more aged appearance. It’s best to cut them from your diet entirely.SkinJuices and Carbonated Drinks

It’s no secret that our favourite juice and fizzy drinks are packed full of skin-damaging sugar. But the biggest issue with these kind of drinks is that they lack fibre; this nutrient is essential for counteracting blood sugar swings that are responsible for the premature ageing of skin. Without fibre, you’ll see wrinkles sooner than expected. Plus the sugar contents inevitably causes horrific outbreaks in all ages.

Fast Food

All that saturated fat isn’t good for anything or anyone. It’s damaging to collagen, triggers outbreaks, ramps up oil-production, and causes blemishes. It’s a total no-go and there’s no need to include it in your diet at all.

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