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ratatouille, tomatoes, bouquet garni


Originating in Nice, France, ratatouille is a dish made up of stewed vegetables that warms you right up.  This dish is super healthy too, containing almost all ... Read More...
chocolate banana loaf cake, cakes, desserts

Chocolate Banana Loaf Recipe

Whoever thought to put banana and chocolate into a cake together was a genius.  The two go so well together and make for a flavourful and fluffy cake.  Here’s h... Read More...
oreo cookie brownies

Oreo Cookie Brownies

I first became aware of this recipe thanks to one of my teachers in secondary school.  Since then I have passed me wisdom on to my sister, who made these browni... Read More...
cheddar macaroni cheese

Cheddar Cheese Macaroni

Cheddar Macaroni Cheese Recipe | Serves 4 | Timing: 30 mins Macaroni Cheese is delicious and a great comfort food that immediately warms up your belly.  It's e... Read More...

Simple One-Pot-Pasta Recipes

Minimum effort and cleanup, maximum flavour! Put down the colander, because you’re not going to need it for these deliciously simple one-pot-pasta dishes. These... Read More...

Spanish Paella Recipe

For centuries, paella has held a place of honour in Spanish households. It’s vibrant, nourishing, and above all; absolutely delicious. To celebrate National Spa... Read More...