Baking is a very rewarding hobby; it allows us to be creative and cook something totally delicious – and these baking hacks can make the whole process even easier! At the end of the day, you’ve got to bake it ‘til you make it!

Revive Burnt Goods

Grab your grater box! If you’ve burnt some biscuits or cookies, you can lightly grate away the charred edges and bottoms; then they’re basically perfect! Also, you can lightly grate frozen butter to get soft delicious pastries.

DIY Easy Frosting

Forgot to buy icing sugar or simply don’t have time to whip some up? You can put one large marshmallow on top of your cupcakes during the last 5 minutes of baking in the oven; you’ll be left with a gooey and very sweet frosting on each.BakingHerbal Ice Cubes

Different dishes require different herbal combinations, so to make things quick and easy, fill an ice cube tray 3/4 of the way with your favourite herbs plus a little hot water in each; this will retain their flavours after freezing. Once they are frozen, you can pop them straight out into whatever it is you’re making. Perhaps a nice garlic bread?

Perfect Cupcakes

Tired of cake mixture getting everywhere? You can say goodbye to sticky fingers and say hello to perfectly even cupcakes by using an ice cream scoop sprayed with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

Separate Egg Yolks

Crack your egg into a small bowl, and using an empty plastic water bottle, place the rim over the yolk, squeeze slightly and release; the suction will suck up the yolk and separate it from the whites without any fuss.Baking
Keep Cookies Moist

When you’ve done snacking, pack away your cookies in a plastic tub along with an apple slice; the cookies/biscuits will absorb moisture from the apple slice keeping them softer and ready-to-eat for much longer.

Powdered Sugar Designs

Don’t have any stencils for pretty powdered sugar designs on your cakes? Sprinkle it through some old fabric lace for alternative pretty designs!

Smooth Cutting

Using unflavoured flossing string to slice baked foods is a great way to cut them into portions with squashing them down. The floss will cut cleanly through anything from dough to cheesecake.Baking
Better Batter

Using boxed cake batter can make the end product a little dry, so to keep things moist and delicious, add a little mayonnaise to the batter; it’s mostly eggs and oil anyway. And don’t worry, you won’t be able to taste the mayo in your cake.

Downsize Your Sheet Pan

If you don’t have a tart dish, or just want to shrink the size of the pan you’re using; just use a sturdy strip of foil to create a barrier for your pasty to sit against. That way, you can create the perfect squared tart.

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