Harrison Jones stormed onto our screens last year in BBC1’s The Apprentice. The star’s VT included his promise that he would one day join Lord Sugar in the billionaires’ club. With his business venture Equals Health due to launch this summer, that day is getting closer.

Harrison has always been big on health: eating well is synonymous for him with sports and training. His business venture came about when he couldn’t find healthy meal options on-line, a gap he’s about to fill.

Despite leaving The Apprentice in week 10 without Lord Sugar’s investment, Harrison has used the platform wisely. His business idea has the funding necessary to make it happen and he’s teamed up with Michelin Star chef Vinguadas Raulinatis.

The image of prepped food is boring,” says Harrison and the pair are set to change that. Together they are developing a menu of fresh prepped food that is tasty and healthy and, importantly, affordable.

Equals Health isn’t just a meal-shopping website however. One of its unique selling points is the guidance the brand brings to food choices. Every packaged meal is clearly labelled with nutritional guidance as you would expect, but the website will allow customers to access tailored information about which Equals Health meals can support weight control, based on individual height and gender.

The food is fresh and deliveries will be made within a two-hour slot the day after they’re ordered. The menu choice is excellent, with plenty of options suitable for children, as well as more mature palates. Harrison is already in dialogue with a number of schools and sports clubs who want to ensure that healthy eating is accessible for the young.

Harrison has been busy preparing for Equals Health’s launch in a few weeks, with a packed schedule of meetings. His time in the boardroom on The Apprentice has helped him grow in confidence and he’s putting this to good use. “The boardroom experience is stressful and intense and took me completely out of my comfort zone. But I’ve spoken to Lord Sugar in that environment, and if I can do that, I can talk to anyone.”

Harrison is an active member of Equal Health’s board of tasters, admitting he’s “trying them [meals] all“, with a salmon teriyaki dish his current favourite. “But there’s something for everyone,” he adds.

The Chosen One, as Harrison’s mother calls him, is just weeks away from launching his business Equals Health to the UK. The launch event promises to be star-studded with reality stars and TV presenters on the guest list. Harrison won’t be singing however, despite the serenading customers during The Apprentice. “No! That was painful, I’m not doing that again!” he says.

In 2017, we were told by the man himself “You’ll remember the name Harrison Jones“. Looks like he was right.

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