The eternal struggle of knowing what to have for dinner plagues everyone. How do you choose? From the fully stocked fridge to the bear cupboard, no kitchen or home is sage from the familiar plight of figuring out what to cook.
There’s increasing evidence to suggest what we put in our stomachs has a huge impact on our mental health. So, the next time you don’t know what you fancy, let your mood do the talking.

From using Vitamin D to fight away the blues to combatting stress with dark chocolate, below you’ll find helpful tips to eating for your mood and mental health.

Are you feeling blue?

Vitamin D can help with the production of serotonin; otherwise known as the feel-good hormone. As such, boost your Vitamin D with mushrooms. A simple back and mushroom pasta takes just 25 minutes to prepare, and could leave you feeling both happier and satisfied!

Are you feeling tired?

Folic acid is responsible for helping your body process and lower homocysteine levels. Without it, high levels of homocysteine can impair blood-flow, making you feel sluggish. Swerve the next coffee round and opt for folate-rich foods like spinach and other leafy greens to perk yourself up.

Are you feeling stressed?

Dark chocolate is just the ticket to reduce stress. In fact, a study in Switzerland found that eating just a square of dark chocolate has the power to lower the stress hormones cortisol and catecholamine’s in the body. This can reduce anxiety and help you get on with your day! If you need more help reducing anxiety, you can reach out to the licensed counsellors at BetterHelp.

What are your top tips for eating food that’ll fix a bad mood? Tweet us your favourites! Alternatively, if you’re still at a loose end and don’t know what to eat, why not try HelloFresh’s recipe matchmaker tool? Simply answer the criteria and discover a recipe to suit you.

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