Tomorrow is officially one of our favourite days of the year – National Pizza Day is finally here! is a huge advocate for showing yourself self-care and treating yourself, so they’ve rounded up the best take-away deals from all your favourite Pizza restaurants so that you can celebrate in style.  They also polled 3,466 Brits to find out which is the UK’s favourite pizza topping by city in 2021…

National Pizza Day Highlights:

  • Pizza Hut delivery is offering half price on ALL it’s pizzas
  • Papa Johns ‘extra cheesy delivery service’ allows customers the chance to order a singing Barbershop Quartet with their pizza
  • The UK’s favourite pizza topping 2021 is Pepperoni (23%) followed by Ham and Mushroom (19%)
  • North/South Pizza Divide: Southerners prefer Veggie pizzas whereas Northerners are all about the meat
  • London’s favourite pizza topping is Veggie Supreme with 19% of the vote

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Delivery is offering a half price deal on all its pizzas. So whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita or Pepperoni, Meat Feast or Hawaiian, deep pan or stuffed crust, these are all included in the offer.

Amelia Riba, Chief Sales and Brand Officer, Pizza Hut UK & Europe said: “Our National Pizza Day offer gives customers great value and amazing taste, we all need a little pick me up and this feels like the perfect occasion.”

The National Pizza Day half price deal is applied when customers spend £25 or more at Pizza Hut Delivery. To get the deal, visit, pop in your postcode, click on deals and find the “50% off pizzas when you spend £25 or more” offer.

Domino’s Pizza

In Honour of National Pizza Day, Domino’s has made Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays a Tuesday, for one week only because from Sunday 7th Feb (yesterday) pizza lovers will be able to order a Domino’s and will receive another one completely FREE!

This offer lasts until Thursday 11th Feb.

Using the code: DOUBLEUP You can order online at or on the app.

Papa John’s

Okay so this one isn’t strictly for National Pizza day, but it’s still a great deal and happening this coming Sunday! In honour of Valentine’s Day, Papa John’s have saved love birds the cleaning and washing by offering a brand new 2-4-1 SunYay offer. With buy one get one free on all Papa John’s pizzas, customers can treat their loved ones to two pizzas for the price of one. Fun for all the family, friends and partner.

You can order a slice of the actions online at, or via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

If that’s not cheesy enough for you, Papa John’s is looking to put romance back on the menu with its new ‘extra cheesy’ delivery service. To celebrate the day of love with a cheesy pizza, Papa John’s is offering customers the chance to receive their very own virtual singing deliveries performed by a romantic Barbershop Quartet.

Pizza Express

Fancy a pizza tonight? Well, you’re in luck. In the run up to National Pizza day Pizza express is offering customers 50% off its food! Tonight (Mon 8th Feb) is unfortunately the last day the offer is running – so be quick if you want to take advantage!  The Etna pizza described as “succulently spicy Romana recipe, which sees pools of nduja sausage paired with sweet and spicy roquito chilli peppers” is up for grabs this evening and we’ll be getting two – at 50 percent off it would be rude not to!!! also polled 3,466 Brits across different UK cities on their pizza topping preferences and the results can finally be revealed below!

Pizza Topping % of people choosing it as their favourite
Pepperoni 23
Ham & Mushroom 19
Meat Feast 14
Ham & Pineapple 12
Veg Supreme 10
Margarita 9
BBQ Chicken 5
4 Cheese 4
Tandoori Chicken 2
Tuna 2

Broken down by City:

City Most Popular Pizza Topping % of votes
London Veg Supreme 19
Manchester Meat Feast 22
Leeds Pepperoni 21
 Bristol Margarita 18
Belfast Ham & Mushroom 22
Edinburgh Ham & Mushroom 23
Birmingham Pepperoni 19
Nottingham Pepperoni 22
Newcastle Pepperoni 24
Southampton Ham & Pineapple 19

London and Bristol’s favourite pizza toppings were veggie supreme and margarita, showing us Southeners tend to ops for vegetatian pizzas! In contrast, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham went for Meat Feast of Pepperonni as their favourite – showing us Northeners are all about the red meat!

Chicken and Tuna topped pizza’s came out bottom, taking last place, second to last and fourth to last place in the survey.

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