The luxury Italian appliance brand, is delighted to unveil its all-new range of Smeg Eclipse glass induction hobs, a sleek new offering addition to its existing hob portfolio.

The new Smeg Eclipse glass induction hobs will be available in 60cm (SIM3643D) and 90cm (SIM3963D) models, great for both compact kitchens and larger islands. The glass co-ordinates perfectly with the finish used on Smeg’s ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ and ‘Classic’ built-in design families.

The Smeg Eclipse glass hob range features Smeg’s MultiZone heating system which can be used as either independent cooking zones or combined into a single zone. Each zone uses automatic pan detector technology to allow the hob to adapt to the size and position of the dishes.

Smeg Eclipse GlassInduction allows for precise temperature control for both intricate cooking and simmering. Heat is only generated when the pan comes into direct contact of the specific cooking zone, ensuring safety in the presence of children. This also helps to optimise power consumption, only using the energy needed to heat the pan itself. Users can also select Smeg’s innovative EcoLogic advance system designed to limit a user’s power consumption, saving energy.

Other benefits include induction heating food faster than gas, taking around one minute to boil water. The sleek, flat design also makes it easily wipeable with a cloth.

With a premium white LED control panel and a flush fit onto work surfaces, with two fitting options available for versatility, it is a sleek addition to modern kitchen designs.


Smeg Eclipse glass induction hobs are priced between £749-1349 and can be purchased via Smeg’s network of electrical retailers, independent kitchen design studios, for a stockist please visit The range is also available via Smeg’s London Store and online by visiting

More information and a short video can be found by visiting: 

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