3 Types of Food Packaging To Consider

If you are a food supplier, you have to consider many options from any point from production to point-of-sale. Perhaps nothing is more important than your end-of-chain packaging choices, especially relating to snack packaging. If you sell snack foods, you need to consider presentation, preservation, transportation readiness, shelf practicality and so many other variables. Significantly, you have to match your product to the perfect package that not only preserves but also represents its contents. Consider these few options when you want to think outside the traditional food packaging box.

One Umbrella Choice Above All Else

If you need an overarching concept with which to begin and end your search, consider any flexible-pouch package. All soft pouches offer the following benefits in many shapes and sizes over boxes and other rigid containers:

  • Weigh less
  • Protect better against harmful elements
  • Provide superior environmentally friendly production
  • Offer more convenient storage and display options

Various forms of soft packaging excel in one or more of these areas. Diving deeper into these options will help you narrow your choices.

1. Custom Stand Up Pouches

Some may consider custom stand up pouches to be one of the gold standards of snack-food packaging. That viewpoint stems from the benefits that stand-up pouches offer across the board, encompassing most of the attributes of any flexible packaging. First, consumers find them conveniently easy to manipulate and hold on the go. Second, the durable package shape but light weight makes them easy and cost-effective to ship and display in quantities. Third, their form is perfect for holding bulkier items. Choosing this form of packaging can be a safe bet if you are challenged to commit to a decision.

2. Custom Mylar Packaging

If you like the idea that soft flexible packaging can offer modern, visual appeal to consumers in a variety of configurations, you can expand upon that concept by focusing on printed Mylar bags. Mylar pouches can be produced in varying thicknesses and material films so that you can individualise them to meet your needs. Mylar is a tough material that stands up to abuse and is highly resistant to water and other external elements. If you want worry-free packaging, where you know your product will stand protected until the consumer opens the bag, this packaging choice will serve that purpose.

3. Flexible Lay Flat Pouches

Lay flat pouches are intended to be displayed like a fanned deck of cards, stacked in boxes or strung along shelf poles via hang holes. You might consider this sort of bag not only if you like such display styles but also you want to package smaller snack quantities. Lay flat pouches are often, though not always, visualised as simpler packaging than custom stand up pouches; that is, they are more likely to come with easy-tear tops for single-use snacking, and they lack the complex bottom gussets necessary to support stand up containers.

Choosing a snack food container for your product should be an exciting decision-process. You will consider not just designs, colours and other branding staples, but you also must determine what package format will endure. By planning for all variables you might imagine, you can choose the package that will marry spectacularly with its contents and your overall product vision.

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