With everything that goes on in our lives from day to day, it can be difficult to remember to eat healthily.  It can be stressful just trying to get everything done without having to worry about what you’re going to cook for dinner.  Takeout is s convenient but you end up feeling guilty if you’re constantly eating Dominos when you know you could be eating something healthier.  One way to take the first step back to health and happiness is to find a health and wellbeing vlogger.  These guys’ jobs are to help you move forwards and reach your goals; so you can eat as well as you feel. Here are five to get you started.

Pick Up Limes

YouTube: Pick Up Limes
Facebook: Pick Up Limes
Instagram: @pickuplimes

The Pick Up Limes website was created by dietician Sadia as she made the transition to a vegan diet, as a way to post plant-based recipes.  Later, after meeting her partner and moving to another country, Sadia decided to pursue this hobby full time and made a YouTube channel becoming a health and wellbeing vlogger with a focus on the vegan diet.  The Pick Up Limes channel grew quickly and now has nearly 4 million subscribers.

Being a vegan dietician, Sadia’s channel focuses on how to create a healthy plant-based diet with a huge variety of recipes for you to try out.  Sadia also explains how different adjustments to your diet can help you in your daily life, such as how to stop being so tired.  She gives tips and advice on how to improve your health and wellbeing in general, making videos on self-confidence and anxiety.  Sadia’s videos are very relaxing and informative, with all her advice being delivered in a way that is simple and articulate.  Sadia also makes sure to support her advice with facts and research, linking her sources so you can look into the subjects further if you wish.

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Sanne Vloet

YouTube: Sanne Vloet
Facebook: Sanne Vloet
Twitter: @sannevloet
Instagram: @sannevloet
TikTok: @sanne
Snapchat: @sannevloet

Sanne Vloet is a lifestyle, health and wellbeing vlogger.  Sanne is a Dutch model who started her YouTube channel in order to show people what life is like for models behind the scenes.  As such, she started vlogging about her daily life.  However, over time Sanne’s videos became more focused on diet, health, and wellbeing.

Sanne’s channel has a bit of everything, but her healthy meal plans, recipes and fitness workouts really stand out. Sanne’s cooking videos are practically professional level; from her technique to the production, they are extremely well done.  Sanne also isn’t afraid of getting personal, sharing her personal life experiences with her viewers and using instances from her life to give people advice.  Sanne makes all her videos with the same level of enthusiasm, putting effort into everything she does.

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Fit men cook

YouTube: Fit Men Cook
Facebook: Fit Men Cook
Twitter: @FitMenCook
Instagram: @fitmencook

‘Bodies are built in the kitchen; sculpted in the gym.’ This is the mantra of the creator of the Fit Men Cook YouTube channel Kevin Curry.  Kevin is a health and wellbeing vlogger who believes that the path to a happy and healthy life starts with the food you eat.  Throw out your diet books because Kevin has all the meals you need to have the physique you want without following some drastic food regimen that would make you miserable.  Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, a student, or cooking on a budget, Kevin has the perfect selection of meals for you.

Kevin presents his videos in a very down to earth manner and comes across as easy-going and approachable which is great.  Kevin is dedicated to producing meals that don’t sacrifice flavour in order to be healthy, so if you love flavoursome meals but want to improve your diet check out Fit Men Cook you’ve got everything from drinks and snacks to family-sized meals and desserts.

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Carrie Rad

YouTube: Carrie Rad
Facebook: Carrie Rad
Twitter: @carrierad
Instagram: @carrierad

Carrie Rad started out as a simple lifestyle YouTuber.  She made videos of her life and shared the things that made her happy.  Since then her channel has become more focused, with Carrie becoming a health and wellbeing vlogger.  Now she shares tips on how to live independently on a homestead, growing her own vegetables and plants to eat and enjoy and generally living a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Carrie Rad is very good at catering to her audience and creating the right ambience for each video, altering her narration style depending on the topic.  She has made videos following her progress as she makes and amazing vegetable garden, showing that it is doable to grow your own food and be self-sustaining and healthy.

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Magnus Method

YouTube: Magnus Method
Instagram: @magnuslygdback

Magnus Method is the YouTube channel of Swedish trainer, lifestyle coach, and health and wellness expert Magnus Lygdback.  He trains all kinds of celebrities, including some of the world’s A-list actors, musicians, athletes, and artists.  With all that work you might wonder why he even bothered becoming a health and wellbeing vlogger in the first place.  Magnus is all about sharing his skills, knowledge, and training philosophy−what he calls the Magnus Method−and trying to reach as many people as possible.  Lucky for his viewers.

Magnus is extremely professional and always explains everything in a calm manner.  So you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  He not only has videos on workouts and how to exercise well, but also focuses on eating a healthy diet and how to create nutritious meals.  So, you can eat well and improve your fitness level.

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Whether you need nutritional or cooking advice, there is always someone out there who can help.  But it can be difficult to physically go to a cooking or nutrition class.  So, finding a YouTuber/vlogger you like and who suits your needs could be the next best thing.


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