You want to make the most of summer, especially when the weather is good.  But be careful not to get too excited and forget to rehydrate.  These summer smoothies are a perfect way to refresh yourself after basking in the sun.  Plus, they contribute towards your 5-a-day, keeping you happy and healthy.

Breakfast Smoothie

It seems only appropriate to start off this summer smoothies list with the breakfast smoothie.  This smoothie only takes two minutes to whip up and is low fat, so great if you are trying to lose a little weight.  Blend banana, soft fruit, milk and porridge oats together with a teaspoon of honey and vanilla extract for some extra sweetness and you’re ready to go.

Cherry Smoothie

If cherries are your favourite berry then try making some of these cherry summer smoothies.  As you might expect you’ll need quite a lot of cherries, 300g to be exact, as well as some yoghurt, banana, and a dash of vanilla extract.  A couple of tips, freeze the cherries beforehand and make sure they’re pitted.  You don’t want to kill your blender!

Sunshine Smoothie

This ray of sunshine is another one of the low-fat smoothies on this list, with an extra tropical flare.  It’s made with pineapple, carrots, cashew nuts, ginger, banana, and orange and lime juice.  As it doesn’t have any yoghurt, it’s the banana that helps thicken this smoothie up slightly.  It’s refreshing but less filling, so you still have room for lunch or dinner!

Strawberry Green Goddess Smoothie

This smoothie not only contains strawberries as you would expect, but also spinach and avocado!  That might seem strange at first but trust me once paired with yoghurt and orange these summer smoothies are super tasty.  Plus, with the addition of the spinach and avocado they’re super healthy too.  The green goddess is a delicious and nutritious way to start your day.

The World’s Healthiest Smoothie

The best of these summer smoothies to end this list, the world’s healthiest smoothie.  This ultra-healthy smoothie has all of your five-a-day ready to go.  It contains apples, berries, bananas, flax seeds, and spinach.  That’s right, spinach again!  Because it is so healthy, this smoothie is a great post-workout drink, and just a good beverage all around.

Your blender will be knackered by the time you’ve tried all these delicious summer smoothies, but it’ll be worth it!



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