Ever dreamt of trying a bubblegum drink? How about a glass of birthday cake or rocket ice-lolly?

Candy Can is a fun range of sparkling candy flavoured soft drinks with carbon neutral credentials which has launched in Sainsbury’s.

Candy Can Bubblegum Drink is Popping

The Instagram friendly drinks brand, with its popping design and unique flavours, is available in over 300 stores across the UK.

Candy Can drinks are zero sugar, preservative free, and available as a four-pack in three fun flavours including: Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake and Rocket Ice Lolly. They cost £2.49 for each four-pack in Sainsbury’s.

The drinks, which are a big hit in Europe, come in a 100% recyclable can (unlike plastic, the aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable) and are BPA free.

Candy Can is suitable for vegans, gluten free and the brand is also keto friendly.

TikTok and Instagram: @drinkcandycan

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