Throwing a party for kids, but stressed out about what to make for the party? From cupcakes, sandwiches to crackers, mini desserts and colourful drinks, here are some of the best budget-friendly, kid-approved party food ideas for that party you are going to throw.

Kids Party Food Ideas

  1. Cupcakes

You cannot think of a kids party without cupcakes. What’s good about them is that they can be easily customised to any party theme. You can bake a batch of plain vanilla cupcakes or make in any other flavour kids love and you can decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. You can even make Cinderella cupcakes if it’s a girls party and you are feeling a bit creative.

  1. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are easy to make and kids will love them. Try different fillings from egg and cress to ham and cheese and tuna mayo.

  1. Fruit Wands

Fruit wands are fruits and marshmallow kebabs. You can cut the fruits in different shapes using cookie cutters to make the fruit wand fancier. Don’t forget to top it up with a star melon.

  1. Chocolate Crackles

Chocolate crackles are an all time favourite party delight. They are made with rice bubbles, cocoa powder, desiccated coconut and icing sugar. They are crispy and crunchy and are party food at its best.

  1. Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are a very popular party appetiser among kids. There are different versions to this delicious snack. In the UK, they are pigs in blankets; sausages wrapped in bacon. However, in the US, small hot dogs or any other type of sausages are wrapped in pastry. Mostly crescent dough, biscuit dough or puff pastry are used for wrapping. It is completely up to you to decide what version to use. To make the pigs in a blanket more tastier add some cheese and serve them with a mouth-watering honey mustard dip.

  1. Mac and Cheese Balls

This gooey and crunchy snack is yet another winner at kids parties. Macaroni and cheese combined with cheddar are formed into bite-sized balls, rolled over on flour seasoned with pepper and salt, dipped in an egg and milk mixture and coated with bread crumbs and fried. They are crowd pleasers!

  1. Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are a treat for all the cheese lovers out there. They are long breaded or battered mozzarella. Serve this hot, crispy and crunchy appetiser with marinara sauce and the kids will surely come back for more. So, keep an extra batch ready just in case.

  1. Frozen Fudge

Frozen fudge squares are a perfect sweet delicacy for a kids party. You will only need four ingredients; white chocolate chips, condensed milk, vanilla extract and food colouring to make this scrumptious party food.

  1. Fruit Popsicles

Fruit popsicles are very easy to make. You can decide on the flavours, but strawberry is a good choice too. Blend fresh strawberries, sugar, strawberry jam, a drizzle of lemon juice, a bit of salt and pour the mixture into ice pop moulds and freeze. You are free to play with a mixture of fruits too.

  1. Cookies

If you have a theme in mind for the party, don’t hesitate to include cookies in the menu. They are the easiest to customise according to themes. You just got to find the right cookie cutters, food colouring and icing. If you are too lazy to customise them, go for the Lofthouse cookies. They are soft sugar cookies with a generous amount of frosting on top.

  1. Mini Pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? Kids love them even more. Pizzas add a savoury twist to the party menu. Go with vegetarian or with cheese and ham and top with mozzarella. Mini versions are always best and you could cut them into different shapes to make them more appealing.

  1. Cake Pops

Cake pops are cake balls on a stick similar to a lollipop. Make a batch of these fun-loving cake pops and decorate them as you like.

  1. Honey Joys

Honey Joys are very easy to make and a joy to eat indeed. You will only need plain cornflakes, sugar, butter and honey to make this crunchy favourite. Butter, sugar and honey are cooked over medium heat, poured over the cornflakes and baked.

  1. Banana Split Pops

These yummy pops taste wonderful and the kids will love them for sure. Cut the bananas in half, dip them in chocolate or any other flavour of topping your kids will like and top with whipping cream and sprinkles. You will have the fanciest banana split pops ready to be served in no time.

  1. Strawberry Lemonade

Lemonade is a refreshing drink to beat the heat, but strawberry lemonade is much more cooler to serve for a party.

  1. Macarons

Pamper your kids with colourful fancy macarons and trust me they will come asking for more. Not only they add colour to party tables, but taste delicious too.

  1. Jelly

Kids love jelly and why not serve it at a party? You can play with different colours and flavours. You can also incorporate cut fresh fruits into the jelly or create fun themed jelly oranges, whatever your heart desires.

  1. Banana Milkshake

Banana milkshake is a fabulous drink to serve at parties. You will only need two ingredients; ripe bananas and milk. Blend these two and you will have banana milkshake. It is that easy!

  1. Marshmallow dipped in Chocolate

As much as the kids love marshmallows, they will love marshmallows dipped in chocolate too. They are super cool and fancy when you cover them in sprinkles.

  1. Fondant Fancies

These French-inspired sweet delicacies are hot party favourites. Yellow, pink and brown colours make them look pretty and fancy. When serving, make sure you serve a plenty as they are crowd pleasers.

Planning a kids party is not easy and making food for the party is no exception. But, with these amazing kids party food ideas, you are surely going to enjoy preparing them and kids are going to love them. So, without delaying, start prepping for that big party you are going to throw for the kids. Enjoy 🙂







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