If you hate to work out or don’t find enough time in a day to exercise regularly, then controlling your food intake and eating healthy food is the only means to lose weight. But is it enough for a successful weight loss? Further, is it even sustainable? It is not a completely black-and-white area, but some grey areas exist. There are many factors involved when it comes to healthy ways of losing weight, which we have discussed below.

The question “If I eat healthy and exercise, will I lose weight?” is one that people who desire to lose weight but who either do not enjoy or cannot exercise ask. It’s a good question, but there isn’t a straightforward response.

Besides improving your overall health, cutting out meals high in trans fats, salt, sugar, and artificial flavours and colours may help you lose a few pounds in the first few weeks, which is great news.

The bad news is that you won’t lose a lot of weight by modifying your diet on its own. Physical activity, being hydrated, and getting adequate sleep are also essential if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Even though eating a leaner, healthier diet alone can help you lose weight, it is simpler to do so when combined with regular exercise, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep.

Weight Loss Concept:

Losing weight is the single most thing that seems to be a very tough goal to achieve, as thousands of people are trying to lose weight. It could be a very big business if it were so easy. Yes, there are several ways to lose weight, but just one way of losing it in a healthy fashion. Reducing calorie intake by eating healthy and increasing burning calories through regular workouts. Staying fully hydrated and getting enough sleep also play an important role in losing weight.

A lot of people take the wrong path of losing weight by starving themselves. This will only lead to further damage to your health and gaining weight more than before. This is because your body enters starvation mode. Hence, whatever you feed the body, converts into fat, assuming that it could be used later when food is unavailable. On the contrary, it is recommended to yield multiple times a day so that your body does not enter starvation mode and learns to burn more calories along with increased metabolism.

Why Exercise is Important:

When we talk about exercise, there are two types: one is known as cardio, and another is known as weight training. By increasing your heart rate through cardiovascular activity, you can burn calories, improve blood flow throughout your body, and strengthen your heart and lungs. Walking, running, swimming, biking, and enjoyable activities like dancing or taking an aerobics class are all examples of cardio. Cardio basically refers to any exercise that increases your heart rate and maintains it there for an extended amount of time.

Weight training, which is also known as strength training exercises, includes using free weights and resistance machines at the gym to work out. Short bursts of effort are typical during weight training, which does not elevate your heart rate as much or as long as cardio does. It increases your body’s lean muscle mass, which increases your metabolism even when you’re at rest.

While restricting calories in your food can help you lose weight, it does not make you strong and fit. Also, it does not help in muscle building, which is very important for increased metabolism, which helps in easier weight loss.

Stay Active:

A lot of people mistake working out in the gym as the only physical activity they need to lose weight. You will be working out for a maximum of one hour a day in the gym. What about the remaining 23 hours? It is very important to stay active throughout the day and not just for an hour in the gym. Your body should be in motion the entire day, which is extremely important. This is why it is always advisable to adopt an active lifestyle.

You can adopt the habit of an active lifestyle in several different ways. Adopting a dog is one of the most popular ways people try to stay active. It helps the owner to stay disciplined and active throughout the day. They need to be taken for walks twice daily, and also you need to engage with them for the entire day, which will keep you active. But do not just adopt a pet because you are trying to lose weight. There should be better reasons for adopting one. Also, just like you take care of your diet and focus on healthy eating, do the same for the pet by learning about dog food brands to avoid.

Choose Healthy Options:

When trying to lose weight, most people start counting their calorie intake. This is an outdated method nowadays because it is not important to count calories. You should be rather understanding and note that whatever you eat needs to be a highly nutritious banana, which may be high in calories but also in nutrition, is always advisable. Then drinking juices and shakes. Which does not contain enough fiber. Hence, it only makes sense to go for healthy and nutritious meals rather than just surviving on salads to lose instant weight.

The Bottom Line:

In short, yes, you can lose weight by managing your diet efficiently, but that is not the right way. The best way of losing weight is by keeping a balance between what you eat and how you spend to burn it. You may say that you do not have much time to work out, but taking half an hour for yourself every day is doable. Also, you need not work out every day; just making one hour of strength training a week thrice is enough to maintain a moderate to an active lifestyle.


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