Job seekers’ presence online can mean only one thing: even fiercer competition for employers, especially in the food business industry. But there’s a solution. Recruiters can streamline their processes with online job platforms, making it quick and easy to hire the right staff. 

On Job Today, food business owners can access the best pool of candidates while saving time and money. We’ll show you in this article the five major benefits of Job Today for recruiters – but first, let’s get to know the platform.

What is Job Today? 

Operating in many countries such as Spain, the UK and the US, Job Today is a digital platform that connects job seekers and employers in the hospitality, retail and customer service industries.

It’s the go-to app for many food business owners looking to hire employees fast. With more than 250 million total processed recruitments, it’s no wonder that the app is one of the UK’s top hiring platforms. You can access its services via the web or browser.

Why Restaurant Recruiters Can Benefit from Using Job Today

Let’s move right on to the benefits! 

It Has a Location-Based Talent Search Tool

Job Today makes it easier for restaurant recruiters to find talent within the proximity of their business. With a few taps and the use of filters, you can access a massive database of quality candidates that match your criteria.

You Can Use Instant Messaging and In-App Video Interviews

To make the process even faster, Job Today allows recruiters to communicate with potential employees via chat and video interviews. Restaurant owners need not meet every candidate one by one before making a decision.

Goodbye CVs and Resumes

Job seekers can say hello to the ease of putting up profiles, filling in information and uploading a photo. This increases the chances of even more candidates flocking to the app, which has your business listed on it.

The Creation of Your Own Business Page

Another advantage that Job Today offers restaurant recruiters is the chance to create their own business page on the platform. This section will contain all information about your food business as well as an announcement tab for important updates, such as job openings and events.

It’s Free! 

Job Today offers its services at zero cost despite all these amazing features they provide us with. So no more wasting money on traditional forms of recruitment such as newspaper ads or job fairs – Job Today has got you covered with candidate search, job postings, and more! The only thing you have to pay (via subscription) is when you need to contact a candidate.

Wrap Up

The Job Today platform is a great way for restaurant recruiters to make their recruitment process easier and more efficient. With its user-friendly interface, an abundance of features and security measures in place, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

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