Coupled with reading blogs online and updating social media statuses, millions of people on Earth have discovered the delights of smartphone gaming. Its portable nature makes it convenient, it’s affordable compared to other gaming options, and the games on offer are better in the modern world than they were a decade ago. For food lovers, there are also some top titles to get stuck into.

The variety of games in this particular category of gaming means that there is something for everyone, too. For example, if you’re interested in the runnings of a restaurant and how business works, there are some casual titles that focus on exactly that. Additionally, some releases will enable you to test your cooking knowledge by pairing certain ingredients together to create a memorable dish. There are also pizza-themed offerings, fruit-themed games, and everything else in-between.

With food connoisseurs typically immersing themselves in food at all times, be it through the television shows they watch or the reading materials they make the most of, let’s assess some of the top food-themed games you can play on your smartphone device, too.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is pleasing on the eye

Who doesn’t like pizza, right? Thankfully, in Good Pizza, Great Pizza, the standout features aren’t just the delicious-looking pizzas themselves, but also the dreamy pastel-coloured art that makes this game a pleasurable title to session for a few hours. The premise of the game is fairly straightforward, too, with players having to fight off the competition and make sure their pizza is selling the best. With awkward orders to manage and the hectic nature of working in the hospitality industry being perfectly on display in this particular game, Good Pizza, Great Pizza deserves a download.

Diner Dash is a top restaurant game

A much-loved title that has been entertaining mobile gaming audiences for a while now, Diner Dash is a restaurant release that tasks players with running their very own establishment, with diners to satisfy and the running of a restaurant to nail. There are around 300 recipes to master in this eye-catching release, although it isn’t always as easy as you might think given the impatience and occasional high standards of some guests. Overall, Diner Dash is definitely worth a go.

Drop by the Fruit Shop for a fun gaming session 

Whether it’s after a heavy meal or for breakfast to kickstart your day in the best way possible, we all need to consume fruit. As awareness around the importance of fruit consumption has grown, we’ve even seen the creation of fruit-themed gaming products. Players can drop by the Fruit Shop which is designed to look like a traditional roadside fruit stall, and make the most of this 5 reels and 15 paylines product. Bursting with colour and providing a serious dose of fruity fun, symbols include plum, cherries, lemon, and watermelon, therefore enabling gamers to salivate while playing this vibrant title.

Cooking Simulator Mobile was originally on PC and console

Given the sophistication of modern-day smartphone devices, the games in which they can handle have never been so detailed. Now, with our phones able to house PC and console games, titles like Cooking Simulator Mobile have successfully won over mobile gaming audiences. In this particular product, the clean graphics create a truly authentic kitchen gaming experience, while the demands of a busy restaurant will certainly keep you on your toes. In terms of cooking simulators, this particular option does exactly what it says on the tin.

Other options include Cook, Serve, Delicious!, The Cook – 3D Cooking Game, Papa’s Pizzeria To Go!, and Restaurant Story 2.

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