If you’ve come across this article, most likely you enjoy fruits. Guess what? We do as well! And with the amounts of fruits available, where do we start? Well, some fruits are more used than others simply because of their widespread availability. With most of these, even if a fruit is out of season and you can’t find it in your region, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find it in season in another close by region from where it can be imported. The only downside to buying out-of-season fruits is that they’re going to be slightly more expensive. But let’s cut to the chase, some of the most widely used fruits are grapes, apples, lemons, oranges, bananas and coconuts. Funnily enough, they’re so well-known and popular, that you can find them even out of the food industry.

The Influence of Fruits on Pop Culture

As we just said, fruits aren’t only used in food recipes, nor as puns in song lyrics; another place where we can clearly see the influence of them is on video slots in online casinos, where they are used as symbols, and some are also named after them with Jammin Jars being one of them.

Top Fresh Fruit Recipes to Try Out

And here we come to the section you have been waiting for, where we’ve gathered some fruit recipes you can try out every year. Sure, variety is the spice of life, which is why we’ve decided to bring you four versatile recipes. Rest assured that you can find these fruits in most stores, so these mouthwatering dishes are just a few slices and twists away.

Fruit Salad

The fruit recipe by excellence, this salad can be made by combining some of the year-round fruits we’ve previously mentioned. In ours, the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe are:

  • Two oranges
  • Two kiwis
  • Two apples
  • One banana
  • Three passion fruits

First thing you have to do is peel these fruits and then to slice them, mix them up in a large bowl. For bananas and apples, since they discolour quickly, an extra step is to squeeze out the orange juice and lightly spread it over the fruit salad. Other ingredients you could add are mangoes, grapes, and really any fresh fruit at hand.

Tomato and Avocado Sandwich

Yes, you’ve read well. Our next recipe is a fruit sandwich! A tomato and avocado sandwich is a great classic, a great quick mid-day snack loved by vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. To prepare it you just need to slice a tomato and half an avocado, then fill two slices of bread with it. Although the simple version is already good, there’s multiple variants of this sandwich that we love also includes ingredients like:

  • Crispy fried onions.
  • Two long baguettes split in the middle.
  • A quarter-cup of chopped lettuce and chives.
  • Emmental cheese slices.
  • Salted butter.

Cherry Jubilee

Since it may be the first time you hear about this recipe, we explain what it is: a combination of ice cream and cherries This creation delights everyone with its explosive rush of icy sugar and how versatile it is if you add a toping or two. Don’t worry, we’ll break down the recipe for you. First of all, our suggested ingredients:

  • A pinch of salt.
  • A tub of strawberry ice cream.
  • A quarter-cup of sugar.
  • A quarter-cup of brandy.
  • One tablespoon fresh lemon juice.
  • A pound of sweet and pitted cherries.
  • Three tablespoons of unsalted butter.

The first step is to melt the butter and add the sugar. Afterwards, add the salt, two tablespoons of water, and your ripe cherries. Stir the ingredients until the mix thicken and then add the brandy. Once it has cooled down, add the lemon juice and serve.

Roasted Apple

This recipe can be used as a great side dish to home staples like rice, beef, chicken, and pork chops. However, the real reason why it’s so memorable is that technically you only need an ingredient to make this dish: apples. But if you’re feeling a bit extravagant and you’re not scared of mixing sweet with savoury, here is a variant of this recipe that we love. Its ingredients are:

  • A teaspoon of salt.
  • Three diced-up apples.
  • Two teaspoons of garlic.
  • Two medium-sized red onions.
  • One to two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • A tablespoon of ground black pepper.
  • Four small-sized chillies.

Once you’ve diced up and mixed the ingredients, roast them in an oven with some foil for about ten minutes at 200ºC and voilà, your salty and spicy roasted apple is ready.

Our Final Say: Research Will Go a Long Way

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the recipes we’ve presented, but if you’re hungry for more you can find an almost infinite number of fruit recipes and variations of these online. If you prefer paper instead of looking at a screen, there’s plenty of Cooking Books available from renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Julia Child.

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