Are you one of the many people who hate salads? Do you find it boring, or perhaps, too healthy for your choice of food? Keep on reading and we’ll share some of the best tips on how to make a mouthwatering healthy salad, leaving you with no reason to not eat it to start your meal! These healthy salads are so delicious, they will remind you of one of those that you can order in Scarpetta, one of the top 5 Italian restaurants in NYC.

Dress It Up

A good dressing does a lot when it comes to flavouring the salad. While you can buy prepared dressings, if you have the time and patience, you can also make your own dressing at home using the freshest ingredients that are available. It adds sweetness or tanginess to the healthy salad, depending on the main ingredients that are used. In Scarpetta, my go-to Italian restaurant in Manhattan, I love their salad because of their beet vinaigrette, which gives a distinctive earthy flavour.

Season your Greens

One thing that makes restaurant salads more flavourful is the fact that even the greens are seasoned to give them a unique taste. You should go easy on the seasoning so as not to mask the true flavors of the ingredients. More often than not, a light sprinkle of salt and pepper will be enough before tossing.

Use Fresh Herbs

While there are many ways to make the salad oozing with flavor, one of the best is to make use of fresh herbs. Some of the best herbs that you can add to your salad include basil, rosemary, dill, coriander, and parsley. However, you should do this with caution. Many of these herbs can be overpowering, which will give the healthy salad a pronounced bitterness.

Add Protein

Especially for those who are not big fans of greens, incorporating protein into the salad will make it more appetising. This will also make the salad more filling and will provide the fuel that you will need throughout the day. A dry and crumbly cheese, such as feta cheese and bleu cheese will work. Black beans and chickpeas, meanwhile, will be great for a vegetarian salad with protein. Grilled chicken and shrimps will also be nice to make the healthy salad even more delicious.

Incorporate Texture

Another secret to making a healthy and mouthwatering salad is to add texture. This gives it a unique crunch in every bite while also being able to satisfy your taste buds. Tossing some nuts on the salad will be great, especially pistachios, almonds, and cashews. Crunchy vegetables, such as carrots and celery will also work. For a crispy salad, adding crispy noodles on the top is a great way to add texture. Slices of berries and apples are also great, as well as soft fruits like banana, melon, and kiwi.

Your salad does not need to be bland! Take note of the things mentioned above and make it a mouthwatering treat!

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