With its vast range of talented chefs, numerous Michelin Starred restaurants (53 in total) and authentic flavours, Slovenia is every foodie’s dream destination. Please see below for the best culinary experiences in the country; whether parched or ravenous, there’s a place to experience on every corner.

Michelin Star approved

Hiša Franko, Kobarid (Ana Roš)

The creative offspring of Ana Roš, named one of the top seven chefs in the world by The Best Chef Awards, Hiša Franko restaurant is a must visit for every food enthusiast. Located in the Soča River Valley, where nature and natural pursuits are plentiful, the culinary hub incorporates their delicacies in the most innovative ways. A self taught chef and two star Michelin holder, Roš has developed recognition through her perfected dishes, which range from Black potato, anchovies, black pine nuts and bone marrow to Green asparagus, black truffle, creamy egg, milk skin and buttermilk powder. Compliments to the chef, desserts by Maša Salopek, named the best pastry chef in the world by The Best Chef Awards, form the icing on the cake. At Hiša Franko, passion meets professionalism and attention to detail, and it goes without saying that the restaurant offers a special culinary experience.

Zgornja, Kungota

Nested in Zgornja Kungota, a stone’s throw away from Maribor, Hiša Denk combines fine dining with beautiful exteriors and interiors. With a large terrace, a pond and park surrounding the glass windows, the views bring out the authentic flavours of the wilderness. The family run restaurant is known as one of the most beautiful fine dining venues in the country and their cuisine is based on the local Štajerska environment and family traditions. Playing with surprise menus, the restaurant lists a range of €45-90 options with 3, 5 and 7 courses.

The perfect pairing

Orange Wine in Primorska

First discovered 6,000 years ago, orange wines have slowly but surely become more popular. Being made through a special process, orange wines are a mixture of white wine made through a process intended for red wines. Originating in the Primorska region, a coastal area in south west Slovenia, the destination is made up of 8 hectares of vineyards spread across four districts including Vipava Valley, Slovenian Istria, Goriška Brda and Kras. Produced with indigenous grapes of the country, the best orange wine is served cold via Ribolla Gialla/Rebula, Sauvignon Vert (Friulano), Istrska Malvazija and Pinot Grigio. On the 29th April, the Orange Wine Festival will take place in Manzioli Square, Izola-Isola. 

For more information, please visit www.slovenia.info/en.

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