They toss a tomato into the air and catch it on the top of the knife, where it glides through the middle, and one becomes two. They cook the food in their eponymous pot over a coal fire in the middle of the forest. They prep dough and encase it in a freshly made sauce before cooking it to golden brown. This is the content of FoodTok’s very own food creators, men with the pot (@menwiththepot).

Sometimes, with so many people keen to jump on the food creator bandwagon, it can be hard to create content that stands out. That’s not to say you can’t achieve successful engagement, rather that it’s hard to make yourself memorable.

However, men with the pot’s TikTok avoided such pitfalls early on. They established their brand from the get-go that distinguished them from all other food creators.

Men with the pot are a FoodTok account with 9.7 million followers and growing. Their brand centres on outdoor, forest cooking using nature’s tools. Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that just a BBQ? But hear me out, because this account is different.

BBQ food has traditional food staples, burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cobs, or for those that are veggie or vegan-inclined, the likes of halloumi and veggie sausages. But men with the pot steer clear of these classic but simple dishes. Men with the pot create an eclectic, creative and mouth-watering variety of dishes. From calzone, to slow cooked beef shoulder, to garlic butter bread sticks.

These faceless men, it seems, always make everything from scratch. Most notable is their bread creations. Served in a variety of mediums and with different accompaniments, it never fails to look otherworldly and irresistable.

But even more impressive than that is their cooking utensils. Sure, their bread looks painfully delicious, but how many other food creators can say they make their own cooking utensils?

When the account first started out, their sword-like knives left many viewers with one burning question: where on earth do they get their knives? With a sharpness that appears capable of slicing through steel, their knives are not only ASMR heaven but they also make chopping veg look…fun?

But as it happens, these aren’t just any old knives. Rather, they are handmade by the food creators themselves. And what’s more is all the wooden utensils used in the videos are handmade too. And so, the food creators eventually set up their own website where these products can be found for sale. They come with fairly hefty price tags though, so it’s up to you whether you want to make that investment.

Men with the pot | FoodTok & Food Creators Overview

It’s fair to say this isn’t just any FoodTok account, this unlocated haven of paradise is peak Food TikTok. And for those not on TikTok, they have a Youtube account you can check out too for a more extensive walkthrough of their recipe creations. So if you want a delight for your eyes and ears, check them out.

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