When you love food and you love scrolling through TikTok, FoodTok feels like a heavenly manifestation of all your heart’s desires. Regardless of whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten or lactose intolerant – FoodTok has something for everyone. And so, we’ve put together a non-exhaustive list of TikTok food creators to follow and assist your cooking ventures.


Sam’s contribution to the hunger-inducing world of FoodTok is what propelled him to fame on the app. With 8.8 million followers and counting, it’s safe to say that his content is a success with fellow TikTok users. Sam’s videos incorporated the immensely popular world of ASMR into his food prep videos, a gratifying combination. His food videos are immensely satisfying, as he caters to both the auditory and visual senses. Something about the creator’s rise to fame through nothing but his own self-taught skills make for an endearing and immediately likeable personality. He shares recipes for dishes all around the world and offers the gentle encouragement we all need sometimes to try something new.


This self-proclaimed potato queen made us rethink our standards for potato consumption. Her most viewed videos are, unsurprisingly, those that feature on ‘potato tiktok’, or as she calls it, the promised land. But these crispier-than-your-morning-bacon potatoes aren’t all she cooks. Poppy is a Michelin-trained chef with plenty of tempting recipes up her sleeve. From ‘fiery cottage pie’ to her extraordinary potato birthday cake recipe, Poppy truly is the potato queen with lots of variety to offer in between.


This Surrey-based business is reinventing cheesecake as we know it. At Pleesecakes, gone are the days of the vanilla, biscuit and cream cheese concoction. Instead they welcome new innovations, such as the blueberry blondie cheesecake and the chuffle, a taste of cheesecake-truffle paradise. With plenty of cheesecake creations to marvel at, pleesecakes is the account to follow if you’re looking to try something new and sweet.


This FoodTok creator rocketed to a new level of fame after her ‘Make it Meatless’ series. The series put a meatless spin on classics, such as hot ‘chicken’ tenders, using oyster mushrooms as the meat-textured alternative, and chicken-style buffalo burger, using tofu and the freezer method. Following its success, she’s recently launched a new ‘Make it Vegan’ series. Shreya’s inclusive and unexpectedly meatless recipes are the stuff of genius and not to be missed.


Morgan creates recipe walkthroughs served with an infectious smile. His recipes embrace ingredient diversity, from beetroot hummus to chilli scrambled eggs. For Morgan, no food combination is off-limits. When he’s not producing TikTok videos he’s working in his bakehouse, creating stunning works of food art. His work in his bakehouse lends itself to the content of his TikTok account, catering to both the sweet and savoury toothed with easy-to-follow instructions. With an aim to make “cooking fun and enjoyable for everybody”, this account is a great one to follow.

FoodTok Creators to Follow on TikTok | Conclusion

Whether you’re looking to make a start in your food journey or for some recipe-inspo, FoodTok is the place to look. With different accounts catering to various dietary preferences or requirements, you’re sure to find TikTok creators you love.


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