Having specific dietary requirements can make cooking tough. When you really love food, having a  food intolerance or allergy restrict what you’re able to make and eat feels completely unfair. But unfortunately, you have no choice but to cater to them. And finding alternatives that are actually good is a tough process. It requires time, money and patience to create your own substitutes, which is why Arman Liew’s The Big Man’s World is a saviour. Arman does the investigative work so you don’t have to.

After setting up the site in his final year of university, it’s safe to say The Big Man’s World has seen success. Amassing over 800k followers on Instagram, 90k on TikTok and 26k on Facebook – he certainly has a large audience.

Arman’s an author, recipe creator, photographer and founder of The Big Man’s World. His site centres on creating “healthy makeovers to traditional desserts, breakfasts and snacks”. He has two cookbooks published but hundreds of free recipes on his site online. But what’s particularly great about Arman’s site is not only does he strive to create healthy recipes, he also wants to make them easy and accessible to a variety of diets. And he has a multitude of recipes that prove their versatility. Spanning from paleo to vegan to gluten-free and more.

His recipe categories are divided into a number of sections on the menu bar: healthy breakfasts, main dishes, snacks, healthy desserts, appetizers and sides, keto recipes and vegan recipes. But even after choosing a selection, there are further options for refining your preferences.

While there’s not a specific category for gluten-free recipes, that’s because most dishes have an alternative ingredients list. Using this, you can sub in more appropriate ingredients as and when you need.

As a sweet-toothed person, I’m personally a huge fan of the desserts section. From almond flour chocolate cake to 3 ingredient chocolate chip cookies. Five-star ratings are pretty consistent amongst these recipe reviews.

And if you have any concerns or questions, you can just drop them in the comment section. Arman is speedy in his replies and offers the best of his knowledge to help any queries you have out.

The Big Man’s World | A Food Saviour for Dietary Requirements

All in all, this is a great site for those feeling put out by dietary restrictions. Everybody deserves to enjoy good food, and The Big Man’s World makes this increasingly possible.

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