Healthy Breakfast – Energy Boosting Breakfast Ideas

Granted, most of us would prefer an extra 15 minutes in bed rather than wake up and have a nutritious and healthy breakfast. But that nutritious breakfast is the most crucial part of your day and will provide you with the vitality and motivation to breeze through your day with ease. Here are a few energy boosting breakfasts which can be worth a lot more than those few extra minutes of hitting snooze.

Whether that be Dippy Egg and Soldiers, or even a poached egg on whole grain toast, eggs are completely versatile meaning they can be used in multiple ways! So you don’t have to be concerned about your healthy breakfasts becoming repetitive. Eggs may also be a fantastic supply of high quality protein as well as other vitamin D making them fantastic energy boosters in the morning.

If you’re looking for that energy boost but prefer something a bit more sweet in the mornings, then the smoothie is for you! What’s great about a shake is that it could be different everyday and can be drank on the go. Use your favourite fruit and vegetables for a variety of nutrients, and combine with low-fat yogurt for protein. Peanut butter and flax seeds may also be make great additions to a healthy, energy boosting smoothie.

The great things about yogurts is that it works with cereal, fruits, and oats. It’s a good way to include flavour to your regular breakfast bowl as well as a power boosting number of protein to obtain you up and moving!  You can’t really fail with a low-fast natural yogurt and fresh fruit.

Fruit and Nuts
Nuts, such as for instance almonds, contain healthy fats and protein that help you power through your day and when mixed in along with your regular healthy breakfast, keep you feeling full ans satisfied until the next meal!

The high degrees of fiber in oatmeal is digested slower throughout the day and keeps you feeling fuller for longer! It is also a good supply of complex carbohydrates which provides you that much needed energy boost! Prepare with semi-skinned milk for protein and with fruit and nuts for more important nutrients to obtain you through your day.

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