Unless you’re a vegan or veggie, there’s not many that won’t (at some point) crave a chunky, juicy beef steak, probably alongside a handful of chips and hot creamy black peppercorn sauce. Or maybe you prefer it with cheesy mash and vegetables? Who cares. The point is, steak is great – the debate however is how to eat it.

Order yours medium or well done and the waiter will roll his eyes in pity. Order it rare or blue and you’ll get the nod of approval. Personally, I don’t like mine chewy but the sight of blood really puts me off. So I either order my steak medium-well and see what mood the chef is in, or take a risk if I’ve already had a few drinks and order it medium.

There are nutritious and health elements to take into consideration too – did you know, whilst there’s no difference between steak that is cooked medium, rare or well done, in terms of your protein, iron and zinc in-take, meat cooked until it is well done does contain more potential carcinogens called heterocycle amines (HCAs). Studies have shown that chemicals such as HCAs and PAHs in cooked meats may increase the risk of cancer.

With all the above taking into account, what is your view to the best way to eat steak?

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