Dude food is all about junk.

Burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, onion rings and chips, junk food classics, done well with authenticity. It’s a street food movement that’s made its way to the UK from its home in the US.

Japanese dude food is set to be 2018’s big trend, according to experts at Waitrose and even this cuisine, renowned for healthy dishes, has its own ultra-calorific versions.

Chicken wings breaded with waffles, a 26-filling sandwich or a burger stack comprising two bacon cheeseburgers and two grilled cheese sandwiches, we take a look at three insane dude food dishes.

The Big Daddy Burger

This meat mountain has two cheeseburgers, ham, two layers of sausages, two layers of bacon, an English crumpet, macaroni cheese and a fried egg sandwiched between a soft roll.

We say: this will feed your daddy for about a week

Loaded Potatoes

Twice baked potatoes wrapped in crispy bacon and topped with salted butter, mozzarella, cheddar, spring onions, sour cream, jalapeños and crispy bacon pieces.

We say: your daily salt intake should be no more than 6g – that’s around a teaspoon. You may wish to share this dish, and drink plenty of water

Fudge Brownie Waffles with Nutella Sauce and bacon – four large fudge brownie Belgian waffles, drenched in Nutella and cream sauce, and generously heaped with maple-syrup fried bacon pieces.

We say: with each waffle in excess of 400 calories, this decadent dessert will wipe out your daily recommended saturated fat intake for weeks, in a single sitting

Dude food – consume responsibly!

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