Herbs have been used in food, medicine and magic for thousands of years. They also feature regularly in perfumes and candles. Bring the unique scent of herbs into your home to add colour and fragrance throughout the rooms. We list our top five homely herbs, where to put them, and what to add them to.


Mint is a voracious grower and is best potted. It comes in a number of varieties including spearmint, peppermint and apple mint. Peppermint gives the strongest scent.

Easy to grow,  mint likes shady spaces and benefits from a small amount of sun.

Fabulous with tea, Pimms and Mojito


Rosemary is a woody herb with fragrant, evergreen leaves and white, pink, purple or blue flowers. It comes from the Mediterranean area and its Latin name translates as dew of the sea.

Requires 6-8 hours of strong, direct sunlight and best not kept in a bathroom, kitchen or utility room. Needs careful watering.

Sprinkle when roasting vegetables and it’s a perfect companion for garlic


This delicate herb is also known as St-Joseph’s-wort and is versatile as well as delicious. Typically we use sweet basil, but it also comes as lemon, Thai and Holy basil. It’s one of the main ingredients in pesto.

Well drained, nutrient-rich soil and a good six-hours sun every day will keep your basil sweet.

Use fresh and add at the last moment for maximum flavour, beautiful married with tomato


Oregano is a flowering plant in the same family as mint and is the wild cousin of marjoram. It’s an important addition to dishes with Italian, Mexican and Greek cuisine. It’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients too, add a sprinkle of health to the food it flavours.

Like its song companions rosemary and thyme, oregano needs 6-8 hours of strong sunlight.

Oregano adds warmth to dishes with tomatoes, aubergine or lamb. Add shortly before serving.

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