Without it, our world would be a very different place. The 4th Earl of Sandwich would not have been immortalised as a lunch time snack. The British pudding “and butter” probably wouldn’t be so popular. And soup would be lonely.

Bread has been a staple food since the dawn of agriculture, and the world is rolling (see what we did there) with different types, shapes, sizes, textures and forms around the world. It also plays an essential role in religious rituals.

There’s more to bread than just for food stuff. Here are some creative ways to use bread.


Always consult a doctor before using bread as a treatment

Soak a piece of bread in milk and apply to your splinter or boil. Tape it in place and allow it to dry. The bread will drain the boil and pull out the splinter.

Soak bread in apple cider vinegar and follow the same process to treat calluses and corns.breadIn the Kitchen

Put a slice of bread on the cut side of cake to keep it fresh – attach with toothpicks. Slip a slice into your cookie jar to keep your cookies fresh, or pop into a sealed bag to alleviate staleness of marshmallows.

Bread will soak up grease spills and absorb vegetable odours (put a slice on top of the vegetables while they’re cooking). ┬áPlace a slice of bread in your mouth or over the handle of the knife before cutting onions to avoid tears. Remove burnt flavours or excess moisture from rice by putting a slice of bread on top and waiting several minutes. Skim fat from the top of liquids with a piece of toasted bread and soften sugar by adding bread to the contained and letting it sit for a few days.


Pick up small pieces of broken glass by pressing a piece of soft bread on the area. Remove dust from oil paintings, smudges from suede, and marks from walls by gently rubbing the surface with a piece of soft bread.

For more bread content have a look at a french toast recipe.

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