For a cool treat that’s quick and easy to make, try your hand at home-made ice lollies. They’re so simple, and make a fun project for children too. We guarantee they’ll love the results. Simply follow the recipe, pop in the freezer, and chill.

Strawberry Milk Pops

Healthier and cheaper than you’ll buy in a supermarket, these are a creamy but lower-fat alternative to ice cream. Makes approximately 12 lollies.

Hull 400g ripe strawberries and blitz them until they are smooth. Mix in 200ml semi-skimmed milk and a 405g can of light condensed milk. Pour into lolly moulds and attach the tops. Freeze for a minimum of four hours, or until solid.

Tropical Cocktail

This blend of pineapple and coconut smells as good as it tastes! Paradise on a stick. Add 4 tablespoons of rum to this recipe for a pina colada iced treat.

Blend the flesh of a pineapple, the grated zest and juice of a lemon, 130g granulated sugar and 400ml unsweetened coconut milk together, allowing some larger pieces of pineapple to remain. Add more sugar to taste (and this is where you add the rum if you’re using it). Pour into lolly moulds and attach the tops. Freeze until solid.

I Should Cocoa

This works beautifully on its own, but can be transformed with the addition of flavoursome ingredients, such as finely grated orange zest, or even chilli!

Pour 500ml whole milk and 250ml double cream into a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Remove the pan from the heat, add 150g of finely-chopped good quality dark chocolate and 70g granulated sugar and stir until blended and creamy. Stir in 2 tsp vanilla extract and leave the mixture to cool. The longer you leave it resting and cooling, the creamier and smoother your lollies will be. Pour into lolly moulds and attach the tops. Freeze for a minimum of four hours, or until solid.

English Country Garden

These gorgeous gelatos will bring a touch of class and sophistication to any garden party.

Mix together 300ml of lemonade, 150ml apple juice and a shot glass full of elderflower cordial. Stir well. Pop thinly sliced cucumber, Galia or Honeydew melon and mint leaves into your mould, pour over the liquid mix and freeze until solid.


A super-fast way to make ice lollies is to freeze pop – simply pour your fizzy favourite into moulds, add fruit if you like, and freeze until solid.

We recommend eating your lollies within a week to enjoy them while they’re at their best… if they last that long!

For another cool treat have a look at a Mint choc chip ice cream recipe.

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