The weather is far from predictable, this can make growing herbs in your garden difficult. Luckily, we can grow them in our own kitchens; it’s gratifying, fun, and so easy! By doing this, you’ll have fresh year-round use! And these are the ones that thrive best…

If you’re growing basil in a container, ensure it is planted in a well-drained and nutrient-rich soil. It’s vital that you use the proper soil in order to grow basil successfully! Also, basil does not like water, so ensure its pot has adequate drainage. The smaller globe basil types are more suited to indoor growing.

Growing parsley is easy! Just keep the soil slightly moist, and always remember to empty the saucer under its pot to prevent the roots from sitting in water. Parsley should be fed every two weeks with half-strength liquid fertiliser or fish emulsion. The great thing about parsley is that you can grow other herbs alongside it.

To grow mint indoors, choose a wide surface container (i.e. a window box) and use well drained potting soil. Your mint should be placed in a bright, sunny room with warm temperatures. To ensure proper growth, water your mint plant regularly to keep it moist.

Chives grow best in clay pots with well-drained soil that has been pre-moistened, but it definitely shouldn’t be soggy or dripping water. The seeds should be sown about ¼-inch deep below the soil’s surface.


Pot thyme in pre-moistened soil and fertilise with liquid seaweed or a weak solution of fish emulsion. Woody stems will form, these should be cut back to allow the growth of fresh thyme. You can trim off the flowers and dry them to use for sachets.

This herb does not like to get too wet – so make sure its pot has excellent drainage. It can be planted in equal parts sand, soil, perlite, and peat moss. But when you plant oregano, be sure that only the root ball is planted and that the stems are not to prevent them rooting. It should be placed in a bright room.

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