Struggling for food inspo? Try Niall Kirkland’s The Good Bite for awesome recipes. Keep reading for more info.

The internet has an all-too-real running joke about the pain of having to choose what to eat every day. We all know our access to food is a privilege, but my word, choosing new meals everyday can feel like a chore.

You want to pick something satisfying and tasty. Equally though, you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen for something that’ll be gone in ten minutes. And that’s before even factoring in costs, equipment, ingredients and most annoyingly, having ideas for what to actually cook.

But then, a couple of years ago, I came across Niall Kirkland on Instagram. Niall is the fiancé of renowned fitness influencer Megan Grubb, and a spectacular food creative. Simply put, his recipes are to die for.

Back in 2020, after accruing over 100k Instagram followers drawn to his tasty dishes, Niall started his very own recipe site entitled The Good Bite. It’s a convenient site full of his eclectic and varied recipes, perfect for those looking for food inspiration.

What’s particularly appealing about his recipes is their healthy twist. And no, I don’t mean soul-destroying healthy alternatives. I’m talking about your food favourites with a healthy twist but without compromising on taste. In just a quick glance you find recipes for: chicken tikka masala, chipotle tacos, Nutella crumble bars, chorizo carbonara and more.

His website is neatly organised, helping you filter your preferences while recipe searching. Food categories include fakeaways, quick meals, meal prep, one pot, high protein and sweet treats. Or alternatively, if you have a specific ingredient in mind, all the recipes are tagged so you can do a toolbar search instead.

If time is of the essence, each meal is labelled with the time it takes to make the dish. He has recipes as quick as 5 minutes, or more lengthy ones around the 45-minute mark. Either way, there’s enough variety to make these meals pretty appealing.

And best of all? Access to all these wonderful recipes is completely free. But if you want any additional perks, there is an exclusive member’s option for just £2.50 a month. This grants you access to four exclusive recipes a month, brand discounts, giveaways and early access to live events with their partnered brands.

Niall Kirkland’s The Good Bite | Conclusion

Let me tell you, based on personal experience with these recipes, Niall Kirkland’s The Good Bite is awesome. When I’m lacking motivation or inspiration, this is easily my go-to site because the recipes always turn out so good. The Good Bite is perfect for foodies, cooks or even those who hate to cook. Niall makes cooking simple, tasty and healthy. What’s not to love?

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