Main Courses

Thai Green Tofu CurryBy David FergusonFresh, light and fragrant this curry is super easy to make from scratch and the addition of tofu provides plenty of protein. It is much easier than you think to make up your own Thai curry paste – everything is placed in a nutri bullet and processed until smooth. The paste can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for 3-4 days. It can also be frozen in ice cubes so you could make up a batch ready for creating delicious curries in a hurry. Adding chlorella at the end of cooking gives the soup a wonderful deep vibrant green colour.
Pork Meatballs with Spicy Tomato SauceBy FPGThis easy to make family supper is ideal for those busy winter week days. For a less spicy sauce omit the harissa from the tomato sauce. As an alternative try serving with potato wedges with lots of sour cream and grated cheese.
Nasi GorengBy FPGThis recipe is brilliant for using up left over chicken.
Stir-Fried Seafood with NoodlesBy FPGHaving bags of frozen seafood and vegetables in the freezer is always a great standby for an emergency instant supper. Whether they are mixed with spicy rice, added to pasta or soups or simply served in a stir-fry, as with this recipe, it will always promise to be a fast and tasty supper.
Roast Vegetable LunchBy FPGServe this warm with houmous in pitta bread, or add black olives and feta cheese for a lovely salad. Any vegetables in your fridge that are getting a bit soft would work well in this recipe. Especially good are tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms.
Braised ChickenBy FPGThe mulled wine flavors the chicken is cooked in is delicious around Christmas time served with a creamy leek mashed potato or baked potato or couscous. Accompany with seasonal vegetables or braised red cabbage.
Tuna Pasta BakeBy FPGThis recipe is the ideal super easy supper for families. Use any pasta that you have in the storecupboard but bows, penne or macaroni work best.
Grilled Fish with Herby Tomato SalsaBy FPGThis recipe uses up all those half eaten jars pesto, cheese and dressings from the fridge and cupboards. Serve with a green salad or green beans and new potatoes or chips.
Classic Homemade PizzaBy FPGA delicious classic homemade pizza recipe. For an instant ‘woodfired’ type pizza; Roll out the dough thinly and cook on a smoking hot griddle one side, flip and smear with tomato sauce and toppings and grill until bubbling.
Basic Chicken or Turkey StockBy FPGMaking stock from the leftover bones from a roast will ensure you always have a good base for soups, risottos and gravies. Even if you don’t have time to make stock, freeze the bones from the roast bird and make the stock when you have more time.
My Big Fat MoussakaBy FPGA delicious potato or eggplant-based dish, including minced Lamb. Serve with a tomato and crisp green salad.
Beef and Bean SaladBy FPGThis is a lovely Italian salad that can be served with other cooked meats such as chicken or lamb.
Spicy Pepper and Sausage Pasta SauceBy FPGThis is an easy and quick recipe, delicious with Italian sausages that have been taken out of the casing. You could bulk it out with more veggies such as carrots, baked beans, broccoli florets, chopped green beans or peas, depending on what you have in the house.
Vegetable Thai CurryBy FPGYou don’t need to make the curry paste from scratch; use a quick green or red Thai curry paste that can be found in supermarkets, it contains fish paste so is not ideal for the true vegetarian. This recipe however, is suitable for vegetarians.
Toad in the HoleBy FPGExperiment with adding other leftovers such as cheese, herbs, bacon and mustard into the batter. Allow 2 sausages per adult and 1 sausage per child. This is delicious served with onion gravy.
Beef, Guinness and Mushroom Stew with DumplingsBy FPGThis is a good old fashioned basic ‘stew’ recipe and can be varied according to what you have got in the fridge. Add root vegetables like swede, potatoes, celeriac, carrots and parsnips. The dumplings are optional, but I think you'll find everyone will love them.
Lemon Chicken and Pea RisottoBy FPGA creamy, comforting chicken and pea risotto. Other vegetables like courgette, green beans or broccoli would also work well. You can use long grain rice if you don’t have risotto rice, but the consistency will be less creamy.
Anything Goes QuesadillaBy FPGKeep a pack of flour tortillas handy with leftover veggies like sweet potato, butternut squash or carrots. Then hunt through the fridge and pull out all those scraps of leftover cheese – the wedge of stilton, the finger of gruyere, the wedge of cheddar, and put the lot together in minutes.
Mongolian BeefBy Angélique WilsonThis is an “authentic” version that's very popular in China. This homemade Mongolian Beef is crispy and very flavoursome with a sweet and sour taste. Traditionally the meat is simply boiled and dipped in sauces.
Gnocchi Romaine (Semolina)By Angélique WilsonThis semolina gnocchi recipe is so easy to prepare and make. You can bake or fry it and serve it with a roasted tomato or creamy béchamel sauce. Serves 4.
Chicken and bacon caesar saladBy Angélique WilsonA tasty fresh summer salad on the table in 20 minutes. The combination of grilled chicken, bacon and caesar dressing is hard to beat and very easy to make last minute with very few ingredients.
Flatbread PizzaBy Angélique WilsonChicken, pepperoni, cheddar and buffalo mozzarella cheese with homemade crispy flatbread Pizza. Full of flavor with fresh herbs in a surprisingly easy-to-make dish.
Sweet and sour chickenBy Angélique WilsonThe nation's favourite Chinese chicken dish couldn't be easier to reproduce at home. A comforting, delicious treat which is much healthier than the takeaway. Serves 2.
Moussaka with feta toppingBy Angélique WilsonThis recipe is a Greek classic; super creamy, juicy, and absolutely delicious even without the meat! Serve with pitta bread, Greek island salad or pilau rice with pine nuts.
Curried Butternut Squash SoupBy Natalie PryhodaFlavourful, soul-warming and subtly spiced - this coconut-infused soup is ideal for evenings when you want something simple and healthy.
Fusilli BologneseBy Foodie FanFusilli Bolognese, was probably the first proper dish I cooked, when I was bored of beans on toast as a student. Over the years, I have enjoyed making this dish in many different ways and have a pretty solid recipe I stick too now, which I would like to share, since having cooked this for friends, have been told it's delicious.
Egg Fried Rice with CarrotBy Natalie PryhodaPerfect side dish and one of your five a day too! To enjoy it on its own simply add more vegetables - peas, broccoli, mushrooms, anything you have in a fridge. Or add some soy sauce for an oriental twist!
Cauliflower and Blue Cheese SoupBy Natalie PryhodaCauliflower tastes great with cheese, it tastes even better with blue cheese! This recipe makes a great bowl of soup, it is delicious, ingredient-friendly and an incredibly easy-fix.
Vietnamese Beef PhoBy Angélique WilsonThis Vietnamese noodle soup is packed full of flavour and takes less than 20 minutes to make. Easy, healthy and delicious that anyone can make at home.
Zucchini Linguini with Chicken and TomatoesBy Natalie PryhodaThis recipe is a great example of a healthy and guilt-free delicious meal. Pasta substitute made from zucchini peelings is quick and easy to make. It's adaptable too. You can swap chicken for prawns, add some garlic or chili flakes.
Leek and potato soupBy Angélique WilsonA classic British recipe. It is a winter favourite when served warm, but can also be served cold. Also known as Vichyssoise.
Quick Fried CouscousBy Shyama LaxmanA great pantry staple, couscous is something you can turn to when you are running out of inspiration and ingredients in your kitchen. This bright tangy Indian inspired couscous dish requires minimum prep and the most basic ingredients to whip up a quick meal for a busy or broke week.
Beef and Rice Stuffed Bell PeppersBy Natalie PryhodaA classic recipe that never goes out of style. These delicious stuffed peppers are easy to prepare and make a great recipe for a busy weeknight.
Simple Soba Stir FryBy Shyama LaxmanA quick and easy vegetarian stir fry with the goodness of soba noodles and the comfort of a delicious Chinese takeout meal.
MinestroneBy Angélique WilsonThis classic Italian soup is hearty,nutritious and very easy to make. This recipe will make 4 portions. Serve with Parmesan cheese and thin slices of toasted Flute/Baguette.
2 Ingredient Healthy Pizza DoughBy FPGWhat if I told you there's an option to have Pizza, but without the guilt? Most calories, fats, salts and sugars come from the base of the pizza itself. This recipe replaces the dough with a healthier base, made from just plain Greek yogurt and flour - you’ll be surprised when you hardly taste the difference!